User Experiences with Mainframe Integration


Many mainframe users are facing increasing pressure to leverage their mainframe investments more widely across the enterprise, while also upgrading them to support more modern interfaces and environments. There are methods to achieve these results today, such as building point-to-point interfaces for the required functions, but these measures can often be costly, complex and hard to deliver. It is for these reasons that the mainframe integration tools market has emerged, with vendors in this space offering toolsets that provide a simpler, quicker and more reliable way to expose selected mainframe services and applications to other environments like Windows, Java and Linux. The preferred mechanism is to turn the mainframe activities into web services, which can then be consumed as needed by new, distributed or internet-based applications.

The objective of this report is to reflect on specific, real-world mainframe integration experiences within a range of companies of different sizes and industries. It looks at what made these companies decide that this was the right route for them, their tool selection processes, what they learned and the results they achieved. The information was gathered directly by Lustratus interviews of senior company representatives from each company.

At an overview level, there was a great deal of satisfaction with their mainframe integration solutions across the interviewed companies. The consensus was that the selected tool required minimal training, but dramatically reduced the time and effort to expose mainframe functionality to other environments. This agile development capability enabled new solutions like mobile banking, additional channels such as internet-based commerce and modernized interfaces to existing mainframe services to be delivered much more quickly and for less cost.


Based on interviews with users of mainframe integration tools

This Lustratus Report documents the results of a survey carried out by Lustratus of mainframe users that have implemented mainframe integration projects. For each respondent, the survey looked at what the drivers were for mainframe integration, how mainframe integration tools were selected and what results have been achieved.


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