Organizational Hierarchy Management


Companies all over the world have realised that it is imperative to have a clear and unique understanding of their customers. This allows companies to deliver better customer service, while at the same time generating improved internal productivity and efficiency. But finding this unique and accurate customer identity has proved an immense challenge—data is spread across many systems and locations, formats differ, and there is much redundancy. CDI (Customer Data Integration) technology was developed to address these problems. Using CDI tools, it is possible to link the different sources of data and analyse them to deduce the desired unique customer identities.

However, the wheel of IT innovation continues to turn, taking CDI to a new level. Current CDI solutions focus on combating the twin challenges of resolving duplicates and ensuring consistency in the data, and providing procedures and tools to force this level of consistency on new customer creation routines. The master system of record so created enables applications and users to deal with customers efficiently and effectively—to a point. But the horizon of these ‘first generation’ CDI tools is clarity of the internal picture of a customer. Organisational hierarchy management takes this internally-oriented customer identity and puts it into a wider, global context, greatly increasing the value generated by CDI solutions.


Improve productivity, customer service and compliance with the latest in customer recognition technology

Organizational hierarchy management is a recent development in CDI (Customer Data Integration), delivering a range of operational and corporate governance benefits and providing an important tool in the drive to achieve global customer visibility.


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