Open-Driven Innovation – The IBM View



Occasionally the technology industry seems to reach an inflection point in customer value creation, where technological advances combine to unleash a host of new opportunities for businesses to innovate and transform. These opportunities enable companies to achieve a discontinuous increase in business returns from their technology investments and deployments. The advent of distributed computing, the Internet and e-commerce all spring to mind as examples of inflection points. The scale and scope of recent developments in the market suggest that the industry is once again approaching such a time; the explosion of mobile and social technologies, the internet of things, the realization of cloud computing options and big data-fuelled analytics advances are all combining to produce a ‘perfect storm’ of technological change. But innovation and value creation are unlikely to happen in isolation. No business wants to end up as a developer of software infrastructure and middleware; rather, the expectation is that the technology industry will provide the tools and supporting ecosystem that can allow users to innovate effectively.

As one of the long-time lynchpins of the technology world, IBM has a major influence on the direction of the industry through its solution deliveries and other industry initiatives. It is therefore very useful to get an idea of IBM’s current thinking regarding the almost limitless possibilities that are opening up around these new technologies. This paper is based around a series of discussions Lustratus has had with Dr. Angel Diaz, an IBM executive and a recognized thought-leader in the industry, particularly in the area of open architectures and systems. As such, it provides valuable insight into what IBM is doing with regard to these important industry development, and why. The format of the paper is in three parts:
Part I – A New Era of Innovation
Part II – Driving Open-based Innovation
Part III – Call to Action