Invest in SOA Service Design


As the service-oriented architecture (SOA) bandwagon continues to roll, companies are starting to realise that in order to optimise returns, it is important to consider closely the design of the SOA services. In many cases SOA is being implemented as a technical exercise, just as the installation of a new product might be handled. But this technology focus ends up seriously impacting the value of SOA and is a major cause of failure to meet expectations.

The answer is to think carefully about prioritisation and design of SOA services. SOA is not just a technology – to achieve optimum return, SOA requires changes to working practices and has organisational and management implications to the entire company.

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Optimising returns from SOA requires SOA Services to be prioritised and designed appropriately

This paper looks at SOA service design, and what must be done to maximize the return on the investment, encouraging reuse and delivering better performance, improved manageability and higher returns.


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