Executive Guide on BigData, Analytics and Decision Management


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Many corporate executives struggle to keep up with the fire-hose of computing developments and bewildering terminology. The IT industry has long been expert at generating new ideas and concepts, repackaging old ones in shiny new wrappers, and twisting and bending categories and definitions to suit individual marketing needs. The Lustratus Exec Guide series attempts to cut through all the hype and zero in on the fundamentals of the new concepts, giving busy executives enough information to appreciate the value and relevance of the latest developments without swamping them with a wave of technical details.

This report lifts the lid on three connected areas that have received an enormous amount of air-time recently:

  • Big Data
  • Business Analytics
  • Operational Decision Management

It discusses each area in high-level terms, shows how they link together and illustrates how they can combine to deliver better business outcomes.