A Competitive Review of SOA Appliances (2012)


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SOA appliances have matured considerably over the last few years. As they have established themselves more firmly in the SOA landscape, vendors have developed a better understanding of requirements, resulting in a level of commonality in some of the key underlying functions such as providing a secure gateway for accessing SOA services. However, technology never stays still, and recent years have seen a broadening of the SOA mission and the introduction of new use-cases to drive maximum value from corporate SOA investments. SOA services are being opened up to mobile and cloud applications as well as B2B trading partner usage, and the growing trend of exposing corporate APIs for third party application development is driving increasing levels of SOA activity.

This broadening of access makes it even more important to control and secure corporate services, and SOA appliances can play a vital role in protecting the corporate world from unauthorized usage or other forms of risk. But more than just a gateway, SOA appliances also offer a route to SOA simplification and TCO reduction by offloading and consolidating repetitive SOA activities onto purpose-built, cost-efficient and productive specialized platforms, and provide the logical point to control and manage SOA service authorization and usage.

This new assessment takes a look at the SOA appliances being offered by four leading vendors in the marketplace. In a change from the earlier Lustratus assessment in this area, only vendors offering hardware appliances are covered this time around; so-called ‘soft appliances’ just do not have the same security and TCO benefits to put them in the same class as the hardware appliance solutions. The vendors covered in this new assessment are Forum Systems, IBM, Layer 7 and Vordel.


Comparing SOA Appliances from Forum Systems, IBM, Layer 7 and Vordel

This 2012 look at SOA Appliances covers offerings from Forum Systems, IBM, Layer 7 and Vordel. It compares each range of offerings with the market needs and also contrasts them against each other.


  1. Atchison Frazer

    I thought you would be interested in the following:

    SOA Software Announces Industry’s First Integrated API Gateway Solution

    The Flexible Virtual and Cloud Appliance Combines Security, Integration, Developer Community and Mediation Capabilities to Minimize Risk and Cost

    Los Angeles, CA. – May 6, 2013 – SOA Software – a leading provider of Enterprise API Management and SOA Governance solutions – announced today the industry’s first unified API Gateway establishing a new standard for an integrated solution that combines security, developer community, integration and mediation capabilities delivered both in the cloud and on-premise

    After an extended run overseeing marketing of Cisco’s security services business and more recently with UK networking start-up Gnodal, I’m now working on an interim basis with Roberto Medrano, exCISO at HP, in his new company SOA Software, a major competitor to Layer7 (just acquired last week by CA, and fairly recently Mashery by Intel) to launch a new concept in API and SOA management/governance that we’re describing as a “unified services gateway,” which will deliver significant new advantages in the application-level security space. If APIs are the new websites of the future, and no serious business model for mobile or cloud can operate without them, then they will need to be managed for proper use, security and platform-as-a-service mashup benefits.

    If there’s any interest in a briefing contingent with Monday’s announcement, please let me know.

    V. Best Regards,
    Atchison Frazer



  2. Steve Craggs

    I am always interested in understanding new entrants in the market, and look forward to understanding what you have. But I would have to say that to claim this is ‘the first integrated API gateway solution’ makes me highly suspicious. Given you are late to market, and given the presence of other tried and tested integrated API gateways, I shall be most interested to see why you think you are different. To be honest, to say you are the first when you are demonstrably not seems to show a lack of understanding of your competition 🙂

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