A Competitive Review of ODM (2012)


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Lustratus has written in detail about Operational Decision Management (ODM) in the past, and this report is not intended to replay the ODM story in general. The purpose of this report is to take a new look at some of the leading ODM offerings in the marketplace. This review looks at ODM approaches and solutions from four quite different vendors – FICO, IBM, JBoss and Oracle. But as a reminder, in simple terms ODM is about using business rules and events technologies to deliver a formalized approach to implementing operational decision-making, such that decisions can be directly updated and managed by business users within a clear business context. It is by empowering business users in this way that companies can generate the agility, innovation and service quality required to compete in today’s cut-throat markets.

Each of the vendors covered in this review has approached the problem from a different perspective. FICO has a history of handling highly formalized and often complex business rules, stemming from its initial involvement with the FICO credit-rating scorecard. IBM has continued to expand its SOA infrastructure to encompass ODM needs, bringing in its extensive array of analytics tools along the way. JBoss has delivered a productization of an open source business rules project, designed as part of the JBoss middleware stack, and Oracle sees ODM as part of its Fusion Middleware stack as well as a useful tool for driving value from its commercial application portfolio.

This report looks at the ODM offerings from each vendor, and then contrasts them against each other based on a set of user drivers; time to value, TCO efficiency, risk mitigation and overall value potential.

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Executive Summary


What is ODM?

Why ODM now?

Assessment Approach

ODM Offerings – Frame of Reference

Taking a look at the ODM offerings





Contrasting the different ODM solutions

High level assessment

The buyer’s perspective

Vendors comparisons against buyer needs


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CIO; IT Management; LOB Management; Architects.

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Reviewing Operational Decision Management offerings from FICO, IBM, JBoss and Oracle

This paper provides a high-level assessment of Operational Decision Management (ODM) offerings from four leading vendors: FICO, IBM, JBoss and Oracle. It reviews the offerings of each vendor, and then compares them against user needs.



  1. Maria Sanabria

    I would like to get a copy of your free report: A Competitive Review of ODM (2012). I am having issues with the “Add To Cart”. I am a developer and we are implementing IBM ODM. I am familiar with Oracle RTD and I wanted to familiarize myself with the differences.

  2. Steve Craggs

    Not sure why the ordering process is not working for you, but we will arrange to have a copy of the PDF emailed to you anyway. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Ákos Léstyán

    I found your report on IBM-s website, which is a very interesting riport. A woundering, whether you also discovered Oracle Policy Automation as an option against iLog, or where can i found reference information about OPA in your pages.

  4. Steve Craggs

    Hi Akos, you will find some discussion of Oracle OPA in the section on Solution Extensions for Oracle in the ODM (2012) review.

  5. John


    The contact email is not working, so, using this way to contact Lustratus. This report link is not working: Executive Guide on BigData, Analytics and Decision Management

    Can someone look into and see what the issue maybe with it? Thx

  6. Steve Craggs

    Ooops. We moved the site, and it looks like we have one or two problems.

    The email should be working now. The download for that document appears to display as a PDF, but when you ask to download it instead it seems to give an error. Our tech folks are looking into it. If you want to use the mail link again and send a valid email address we can send you the doc through email while we get this fixed.

  7. Aslan Qureshi

    Hi Steve,
    I was wondering if you were planning a 2014 refresh of the ODM comparison doc, and if you shall be incorporating Pega’s chordiant offering into it. Really enjoyed your BPM comparison too – do let me know if a 2014 refresh is in the works. Thank you.

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