2007 Predictions for the SOA and Integration Marketplace


As this year comes to a close, attention turns to the coming year, and what will be the major trends in SOA, integration and all of the related areas. Although Lustratus was only formed this year, our 2006 predictions were made through Saint Consulting, and were pretty much spot on. Recapping, the 2006 predictions were

  • The ESB market comes of age
  • The SOA Ecosystem arrives
  • SOA Governance becomes the major challenge to wide-spread deployment
  • Pragmatic BPM emerges, based on SOA

One only has to glance at press reports for 2006 to see that the enterprise service bus (ESB) has become a key element of many SOA strategies, and the SOA Ecosystem has definitely arrived (see Lustratus Insight ‘The Need for an SOA Ecosystem’). Many of the larger SOA suppliers have delivered significant functionality and services around the governance issue, reflecting the importance of this area throughout 2006, and finally a lot of users have ended up creeping up on business process management (BPM) as ESB and web services deployments have become more advanced.

So, turning attention forwards, here are the Lustratus predictions for 2007.

  • SOA taxes will start to bite
  • SOA focus will move to AD, testing and project management
  • Back-door SOA adoption will become prevalent
  • SOA business cards will emerge
  • The market for SOA appliances will grow
  • The ESB market will consolidate
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Trends and directions for SOA and Integration in 2007

This document contains the Lustratus predictions for the SOA and Integration marketplace for 2007.