Vendor Services

The infrastructure software market is highly complex and massively competitive. Even the best placed and postioned vendors often have an insular view of the market, often skewed by internal belief and politics. True understanding of the nature of the market, broad technical trends and specific competitive threats and weaknesses can best be interpreted by an experienced, independent and external party. Lustratus has worked with a wide variety of vendors in the infrastructure software market, helping them to plan, develop and execute effective business strategies.

Lustratus services for software vendors include:

  • Creating and sustaining new market categories
  • Developing business plans and launching start-ups
  • Developing strategies to deposition threats and obviate negative business impact
  • Acquistion selection and merging new technologies into the business
  • Providing independent analysis of claims and training the sales and marketing teams to acurately portray their products’ strengths and benefits in the marketplace.

The Lustratus founders all have a long and varied careers working on the vendors side of the market. So when we hear the following:

  • SOA is about standards – how can we differentiate our offer?
  • Our solution is not as complete as our competitors – How can we compete?
  • The account is owned by competitor A – We can’t compete.

We understand the issues and have the experience to provide positive action and tactics to overcome these problems.

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