Services for End-Users

Whilst the benefits of Service Oriented Architectures are beginning to be broadly understood by IT architects and developers this is merely the start of a process which often raises more questions than answers. The selection of the technology or technologies that the infrastructure should be built upon is more difficult to answer.

We continually hear questions like:

  • Who are the significant players in the infrastructure market?
  • What categories of software should I look at?
  • Where is the overlap with my existing technologies?
  • Should I buy all components from one vendor or pick best of breed?
  • How do I select the right supplier?

Through our relationships with bodies such as the Integration Consortium, Lustratus offers highly-focussed consultancy to help you understand the infrastructure software landscape and to select the right technologies and suppliers for your needs.

End-user issues don’t begin and end with technology. In fact in our experience the most intractable problems when embarking on a Service Oriented Architecture project usually revolve around human and budgetary elements. Questions like:

  • How do I sell this SOA vision to the executives?
  • How do I justify the extra one-off costs of a SOA project?
  • How can I bring about an Enterprise approach to SOA on a project by project basis?

Lustratus provides answers to these questions and more through our flexible consulting services which compliment our published research. We are able to do this because our team has an un-matched breadth and depth of experience in the SOA and infrastructure software marketpace, spanning both the business and technical worlds.

Contact us for more information on the Lustratus services for end-users.