Investor Services

The massive competitive pressures and extremely subtle differentiaton nuances that are present in the infrastructure software marketplace make planning investments or managing current investments extremely complex for equity investors. A solid analysis of current market conditions coupled to accurate projections for future market dynamics and a differentiated and well executed plan are key to building a winning strategy.

Lustratus provides a number of packaged and custom services aimed at helping equity investors launch, turn-around or just effectively manage their under management investments.

Lustratus’ founders are steeped in infrastructure software experience and have all consulted to and/or served in senior management positions within a wide range of vendors organisations. Having held strategic positions from product, technical, marketing, sales and operations management, Lustratus’ founders’ experience of the software business in this market sector is second to none.

Whether considering future investment, managing current investments or looking to achieve organisational turnaround, Lustratus can help.

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