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The SOA and Business Integration marketplaces are complex, massively competitive and ever-changing. This represents a challenge for end-user organisations, software vendors and equity investors alike.

Lustratus’ analysts have helped to shape the key technologies and architectural trends that make up the SOA market. This coupled to our extensive experience working with vendor organisations taking SOA technologies to market gives us an unrivalled focus and depth of expertise.

Complimenting our acclaimed published research, Lustratus also provides access to our expertise in these marketplaces through our packaged and bespoke consultancy services.

End-User Organisations

Whether your end-user organisation is looking to interpret and assess the strategy of the myriad SOA software vendors, you are attempting to match available functionality to your own requirements or simply trying to make a business case to justify the investment to management, Lustratus can help.

End User Services

Software Vendors and Equity Investors

Equity investors and software vendors looking to plan go-to-market strategies and technical roadmaps also benefit from the Lustratus team’s depth of experience in these solutions and markets. Lustratus has provided strategic product, marketing and operational consultancy to all sizes of infrastucture software vendors allowing them to better compete in the market. For more information follow the link below.

Vendor Services

Investor Services

REPAMA Services

REPAMA is the competitive intelligence methodology developed by Lustratus’ Danny Goodall. It ┬áprovides a complete go-to-market analysis profile for any software vendor. Vendors use our REPAMA services to understand their competitors detailed go to market strategies and to health-check their own propositions. The REPAMA (Reverse-Engineered Positioning and Messaging Analysis) methodology implies a vendor’s sales and marketing strategies from the way they address their prospects and customers in their go-to-market materials.

Our REPAMA tools allow us to provide internal and external perceptional analysis, competitive intelligence and monitoring, marketing efficacy assessments and the related services to help fix problems when they arise.

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