At last – Cloud Computing Clarified!


No-one can have missed the marketing and media explosion over Cloud Computing.

Vendors talk of nothing else in an attempt to hook onto this latest hype, and analyst and media firms have stirred the pot. However, although very early in its lifecycle, there really could be value in Cloud Computing in the future.

But the problem is no-one seems to be able to cut through all the conflicting messages to describe what the emerging Cloud Computing market actually looks like – UNTIL NOW! Danny Goodall, marketing strategistand gurru at Lustratus, has just published his Cloud Computing market landscape in the Lustratus REPAMA blog. The blog post includes a slide presentation that summarizes in simple terms the different Cloud Computing models, splits these models into easy-to-understand pieces and then helpfully lists a selection of vendors playing in each.

This presentation is well worth a read for anyone interested in Cloud Computing. For myself, I think I would like to be the first to propose a possible extra category to be included – a new Cloud Platform service, B2B. As communities move to Cloud, it is likely there will be more and more need for B2B linkage, and although Danny includes an Integration platform service which is similar in nature to B2B, B2B actually has specific requirements that would not fit in most integration services.

However, a great piece of work that should provide a strong base for understanding the developing Cloud Computing market.


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