SOA programmes are like pregnant elephants

Our friends at Gartner talk about the trough of despondency when the newness wears off an IT trend and the negative press starts.

SOA went through this last year to a degree – after the initial waves of vendor driven news and a few early adopter stories things went quieter. However, this was not because SOA was falling off the agenda, rather it reflected the time taken for a serious programme to deliver benefits worth publicising.

Which brought to mind an analogy with elephant pregnancies: SOA programmes – as with most enterprise software programme – are like elephant’s famously long pregnancies(which last nearly two years): It can be hard to get one started. Once it starts, it isn’t necessarily visible to anyone not involved. However, when it finally emerges it can be big news and likely to grow fast. All just like elephants!

I will give a prize for anybody who can come up with a suitable animal analogy for Enterprise 2.0 projects :-).


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