SOA news in Europe

The Integration Consortium (IC), a not-for-profit consortium of all parties interested in any aspect of business integration, has scheduled its first European seminar for June 28th In Brussels.

Attendees will be able to hear real-life SOA experiences from companies such as Wells Fargo bank and Cap Gemini, as well as the award-winning paper from Lustratus, “SOA is Rubbish!”, to be published in the summer at the Lustratus store. Other sessions include feedback from the BPM Thinktank, and a panel on the relevance of open source in SOA.

The IC has been around for six years now, and has a track record of offering strongly user-oriented seminars and shows in North America, with its flagship global integration summit proving a particular hit with end user companies. This event marks the first in what the IC says will be a regular sequence of European-based seminars and summits, and this initial offering is being held in collaboration with the recently-formed SOA Consortium.

I look forward to this and subsequent IC events in Europe. It seems to me that nothing beats hearing about the challenges real users have faced concerning SOA.


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