So what event-driven (EDA) patterns make sense with SOA?

The illustrious Dr. Ronan Bradley of Lustratus, a regular contributor to this blog, will be leading a telecon discussion on EDA and SOA next Friday, 10th August, at 11:00am EDT.

The discussion is part of a series on SOA hosted by the Integration Consortium (IC), a global not-for-profit consortium for anyone interested in integration.

Ronan will be setting the scene, clarifying the confusions over EDA and SOA and how they mesh together, and then the discussions will focus on what real-world patterns make sense in terms of events and event-driven activity within an SOA deployment. The IC discussion series is usually members-only, but the IC is relaxing this restriction for this one, so it will be open to all. Details, registration and call-in information can be found here.

From my own point of view, I welcome the topic. Once the confusion of SOA vs EDA has been cleared up, I believe events have a key role to play in many different aspects of SOA operations.


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