Why Illuminatus and this blog exist

Welcome to the brand new LiteBytes weblog from a brand new analyst firm Illuminatus Research!

You may wonder whether the world needs another analyst firm and we would like to take a few minutes explaining why we decided to do this. But before that we would like to explain why this blog is going to be a little different…

First off both of us (Steve Craggs and Ronan Bradley) will write blog items here – which may be a little unusual. However, what is really different though is that we intend LiteBytes to be a forum rather than simply a soapbox: A forum for open discussion between the two of us and anybody who wants to join in through comments or occasional guest pieces. Apart from being hopefully more entertaining than the backslapping and promotion typical of many corporate blogs these days, we believe that this format will help our readers understand how we came to our conclusions and help us by engaging our readers in real debate.

Moving to why we are here at all… Both of us have been in the software industry for a long time combining technical with operational management roles as well as writing and speaking about software and technology trends. As we have both run software businesses we understand the technology, but as we have both run businesses we also know what matters in technology decisions. What we both saw an opportunity to fill two gaps in the analyst world:

  • A source for information which communicates deep technology in terms relevant to senior IT and business management.
  • A firm focused on the problems faced by customers rather than products promoted by vendors.

And that is what Illuminatus Research is all about.

If you want to find out more about Illuminatus Research, check out www.IlluminatusResearch.com. Expect to find “cutting to the chase” analysis spanning everything from Service Oriented Architecture to Hierarchical Data Management to business technology issues – and to kick things off, there will be some free samples so that you can see what we are about.

Ronan & Steve

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